You can make a real difference for Indiana’s environment and communities. Whether you’re passionate about clean water, preserving natural habitats or combating climate change, there are plenty of ways you can get involved. Every action you take contributes to building a healthier and more sustainable future for our state. Explore the opportunities below and join us in protecting Indiana’s natural treasures for generations to come!

Indiana Conservation Voters

Everyone needs clean water!

Indiana is one of the top three most polluted states in the US and ranks highest in the country for miles of polluted streams and rivers. Our poor water quality means our water costs more at the tap. The utility pipes that carry water to our homes are leaky, wasting water. Many utility pipes – whether because they are failing or because they are made of dangerous materials like lead – need to be replaced, which will cost millions of dollars. And some areas of the state are already experiencing water supply shortages – Hoosiers turn on the tap and no water comes out because there is low supply, inconsistent rain, and more water is demanded than is available. 

What we need now is thoughtful, bold leadership to make sure these problems do not continue, and that we plan to prevent them in the future. That leadership has to be local, regional, and statewide. The first step is for Indiana’s leaders to use all the data that has been gathered and all the recommendations made by study committees and policy reports to begin developing a statewide water resource plan – so Hoosiers can rest assured that there will be plenty of clean water for us all.

Sign the petition today – tell your elected officials that we need a statewide water plan!